DIY Christmas Ornament

christmas holiday ornament diy

We hope you are staying warm and having a wonderful holiday season! We are keeping very busy at the office as all of the holiday orders come in. With every order placed, that is another promise that the women in our sewing centers will have a sustained job.

Amidst all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we wanted to take some time aside to do something fun! We invited Jess from Jess Loves This Life over to our headquarters in Costa Mesa, and she helped us bring you today’s DIY. She is so sweet and is such a creative gal too. :)

You Need:

PUNJAMMIES™ bag (we used our new Vijay ), Empty Ornament Balls, Ribbon, Craft snow, and Twine

Total Time:

10-15 minutes (3 ornaments)

We hope you have as much fun making this Christmas tree ornament as we did. Once you place it on your tree, we would totally love to see a picture of it. Post it on social media or email it to us so that we can share it too!

With Love,

Christine — One gal super excited for Christmas

Thanks for all of your help Jess! :)

Model Talk with Nikia Phoenix

Interview with model Nikia Phoenix

Preethi Punjammies



Bhavani Capri PUNJAMMIES™


We are thrilled to have been able to work with model, Nikia Phoenix not once, but TWICE this year! She is such an inspiration as a model that stands for more than just beauty in the way our world may define it today! We find it very important to work with women (and men) who believe in the strength of women, and have a heart to work together to help bring human trafficking to an end. So today we are brining you an interview with model, freedom fighter, and creative thinker, Nikia Phoenix of Model Liberation!


1.When did you start modeling and what made you move to LA?
This journey started close to 10 years ago when I moved to Los Angeles. I relocated here from the East coast for a number of reasons, but the top one being why not LA?! There’s opportunities, entertainment, fashion, and obviously great weather. A few months after arriving, I started modeling professionally.
2.  What is it like, being a model living in LA?
My experiences as a LA model probably differ so much from what other models say. There are times when I’m running around to tons of castings and auditions, and other times that I’m literally just working on projects of my own like my blog. I’m working around the clock because I love to create.  I will say, it’s kind of cool when people recognize you from the work you do.
3.  When you are not modeling, what are you up to?
I like to live life to its fullest which sometimes means just staying at home with my cat and a latte.
4. I know your faith is very important to you and how you represent yourself. Tell us a bit about that!
Religion and spirituality can be such touchy subjects. But I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be who I am and where I am if I I didn’t have my faith.  There are a number of things that I’m anxious about or afraid of, and believing that a higher power is looking out for me helps me get through.  It allows me to release my stress and anguish. My faith challenges me to push harder even when I’m worn out. I know there is a force bigger than me that unites us all, and that puts my soul at ease.
5.  What is the intersection between the work you do and your faith?
I enjoy putting my heart into my work. If I’m doing it, then I believe in it. While it’s important to earn a paycheck, it’s just as important to have integrity. Sure I can do editorials and ads that are edgy and push the envelope, but it has to have a point. I want to look over my body of work and be proud of what I’ve accomplished instead of being ashamed. Having a strong faith lights my career path for me and allows me to help others through my job.
6. How did you find out about International Princess Project?
I first heard about International Princess Project when photographer Michelle Kim asked if I wanted to model for PUNJAMMIES™. I looked into it, and really fell in love with the message and the mission.
7.  Where does your heart and desire to help end human trafficking come from?
I believe that every human being should have equal opportunities despite age, gender, race, economic status, and all the rest. Unfortunately many of our young girls are not given the same respect and bad people try to strip them of their dignity. If you have a voice, it’s important to speak up for those who can’t.  That’s why I stand behind International Princess™ Project. Someone has to support the victims of human trafficking, and let them know there’s something bigger and better out there for them than the injustices they’ve lived through.  Sharing is caring.
8.  How did you come up with the title of your blog?
The title of my blog came from a place of creativity, strength and empowerment. The word “model” was a given,  but I needed the other half.  I’m a freedom fighter, so I needed a name that reflected that. But it also couldn’t be something that would alienate people. When my friend Sam suggested “liberation” I got chills. I wanted the name of my blog to reflect what I do and who I really am. Just because some may view me as a glorified mannequin, I know that I am so much more.  So with “Model Liberation” it’s not just about fashion and how cool I look in clothes, it’s also about what I do to liberate myself from the j-o-b.  It’s therapy.
9. How do you define beauty?
Beauty has very little to do with physical appearance and more to do with your spirit. Someone can appear to have nice bone structure and a symmetrical face but maybe they’re not beautiful. I think that has a lot to do with the way you live, your personality, and how you treat others. You can be attractive on the outside and a mean person, and to me you’re not beautiful. Beauty is loving yourself and those around you. Beauty isn’t perfection. Beauty is accepting your flaws.

DIY Fabric Origami Box

DIY 8 Cardstock Fabric Box PinJoin us today for some origami, sewing, and fun! Using your PUNJAMMIES™ bag, you can create this cute little knick knack holder for your office desk, or for hair pins. I hand sewed this, which added a good 20 minutes to the project, but if you have a sewing machine, this should take you no more than 7 minutes to complete! Also, if you have always wanted to learn how to make origami, this is your chance!

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For Freedom’s Sake,

Christine — Intern and Happy DIYer :)

DIY Fabric Ball Necklace

DIY 7 Fabric Necklace Pin

Today we are using our PUNJAMMIES™ bag to make fun fabric necklaces with old newspaper. That is right, we are upcycling! What is upcycling? Upcycling is using a product and creating it into something of higher value. Basically, it is using something you don’t want anymore to create something fun, new, and useful!

Today’s DIY will take 20-30 minutes, depending on how many newspaper balls you want to use.  This is a fun and inexpensive activity you can do with the kids after school or on a weekend. Happy DIYing!

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Christine — Intern and DIYer

Know What You Wear: How to Purchase Social Good Fashion

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 Ethical fashion, eco fashion, sustainable fashion, purchase with a purpose, fashion for good, social good fashion…

Have you heard these terms before?

Today, I want to take the time to chat about making purchases which have a positive impact on the global community and environment. Here at International Princess Project we sell PUNJAMMIES™which are 100% cotton comfortable sleepwear / pajamas / lougewear / casual women’s fashion (we wear them everywhere :p ). Your purchase of PUNJAMMIES™ helps to provide above fair trade wages to women survivors of human trafficking, who are employed in one of our partner sewing centers in India. These wages allow the women in our sewing centers to remain free from sex slavery while providing for their children and families.  This means that the women can provide resources for their children to go to school, and to sustain an independent lifestyle.

What other types of ethical and eco apparel exist?

You can see through the picture above that blogger Aditi Mayer‘s whole outfit (minus the shoes) are social good products which benefit the global community! Hyperlinked here are lists of ethical fashion apparel companies for men and women, women’s ethical fashion apparel retailers,  women’s jewelry which helps fight human trafficking, beach and sports swimwear made with respect for the environment, and vegan eco-friendly ethical boots.

Why is there a price difference?

In a heavily consumer based society where we are use to fast fashion finds and the cost associated with them, you may realize the difference in price. Although some discount coupon codes for ethical eco brands do exist, remember that the difference in cost is due to the higher wages paid to the workers and the eco-friendly manufacture processes, among other things.

I hope that this helps you become a more conscious consumer. Don’t forget you can use this list to help with your early social good, ethical fashion, eco fashion, Christmas shopping guide! ;)


Christine — Intern and Ethical Fahisonista in Training