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Curious about our rebranding process? We’d LOVE to fill you in!


Why are you changing your name?

Our former name [International Princess™ Project] has served us well and we will always cherish the meaning behind that name.  As we move into the next decade as a company, we deepen our commitment to find ways to generate even more jobs for women looking for a way out of sex slavery — that means we need to offer more great products to you, our current customers, and broaden our product lines so that we can welcome new customers, too. The name SUDARA allows us more room to grow into additional products that can appeal to many different kinds of people.


Where does the name SUDARA come from?

SUDARA is inspired by the Sanskrit word meaning ‘beautiful.’ As we considered a name that would carry us into the future, we were drawn to the idea of beauty and the many ways it is revealed. It is seen in the people we work with, in the products we work together to produce, in moments of vulnerability within the communities of women healing from sexual slaver, and most important, it is the ever-growing confidence in the voice of a woman who is living in Freedom.


Will PUNJAMMIES™ still exist?

Absolutely! PUNJAMMIES™ are the primary product we offer! The only change is that they will now be PUNJAMMIES™ by SUDARA.


So, what kind of NEW things can we expect to see from SUDARA in the coming year?

A PUNJAMMIES™ for Girls line — which has been a long-time request from many of you and other customers! We’re also beginning production on a Men’s line and plan to offer Boys sizes shortly after that. It’s going to be an exciting year and we hope by the end of it, we’ll have the whole family decked out in their own pairs of PUNJAMMIES™. Also, for all who have missed our minis [PUNJAMMIES™ shorts], keep your eyes peeled for some big news! And, we know a lot of people say this, but truly, this is just the beginning! There will be so many new and beautiful things available this year, which allows for more job-creation in India.  And, that’s the bottom line: Your purchases — your buying power — translate into more jobs that we are able to offer to even more women looking for a way out of the sex-trade!


Have a question we didn’t answer? Don’t be shy! Send it on over to info@intlprincess.org


We are rebranding: New name, same BIG mission.

Founder/CEO Shannon Keith

Nine years. Just shy of a decade. I am amazed at all that has happened here at International Princess™ Project since our inception back in 2006 when our first pair of PUNJAMMIES™ was sewn. Our beginning was a simple one: 6 women employed in our first sewing center with plans for many, many more. One thing we knew back then was there was much to learn. We wanted our growth to be slow and sustainable because the women we employed were counting on it as a way to remain free from sex-slavery and would need to earn a steady income in order to work towards a better life.

And indeed, slow and steady, we have watched this beautiful endeavor mature into a company that to this day overwhelms and excites me.

Through the years we’ve been able to add multiple sewing center partners, employ hundreds more women, and see life change unfold, unleashing Freedom in ways that I could only dream of back in 2006. And now, as we embark upon our tenth year as an organization, I am once again amazed at the prospect of even more growth. The past 12 months have been an incredible time of planning and poising the company for the changes ahead. Changes that compel us to hone in with laser focus on the most effective way we as an organization can fulfill our mission of bringing freedom and life-saving opportunities to more women in India.

The journey thus far has indeed had its share of twists, turns, valleys and mountain tops. Through much learning about ourselves and the people we partner with, it has reinforced that we want to be a company who not only provides a stable, safe job to these brave women, but also exists to help empower anyone wishing to break a cycle of generational poverty. Doing so means the women who need it have access to transitional housing, education and medical services that might otherwise keep them trapped in a never-ending cycle.

But the big nagging question that continues to keep me up at night and is at the core of our discussions as a team is: “how can we help more women?”

Invariably the answer continues to be doing our absolute best to sell more products so that we can employ more women in search of dignified work.  This means expansion. New freedom-filled products that allow people like YOU to purchase gifts and items that help grow this business and create demand for new jobs.

Offering you, our customers, partners, fellow world changers the best version of ourselves is our passion and my personal promise to you.  So with that, I am over-the-moon excited to announce that we are indeed bringing our best to you this Spring:  A new name, logo, website and new Spring prints that will make you swoon are all launching April 1st. For any of you worried about PUNJAMMIES™, they’re not going anywhere! They will continue to be a primary product we offer. But our overall company name will change in order to allow for more products that reach more people. In short- New name, Same BIG mission.

We’ve adored our current name and logo and they have both served us well for nearly a decade… we will always fondly remember our beautiful International Princess™ and consider her a life long friend.  Just like the truthful saying my mother taught me goes: Make new friends and keep the old- One is silver and the other gold.

Here’s to unveiling the Gold in April…

Current Openings at International Princess Project

PUNJAMMIES™ (http://shop.intlprincess.org) is a social venture that creates pathways to freedom for women escaping sex slavery. We do this by partnering with indigenous organizations to establish micro-enterprise sewing centers that offer women a fresh start and place to heal. We drive market for the products they produce thus creating a virtuous cycle of sales supporting job creation.
Below are positions that are currently open at International Princess Project!
Wholesale Sales Opportunity with a Social Cause Venture!
We are looking for A Wholesale Sales Representative, full-time to become part of a going, growing organization. The ideal candidate for this position will be energetic, passionate about the cause and have a penetrating but winsome desire to win. This person will be responsible for developing PUNJAMMIES sales with boutiques and other wholesale accounts. This role requires strong communication and collaboration skills combined with a sense of urgency to drive revenue generation for the PUNJAMMIES™ business.
This position will be responsible for:
  • Searching out and building wholesale relationships around the world
  • Reaching out to potential retail outlets, specialty stores, boutiques and develop wholesale network
  • Maintaining relationships with existing wholesale accounts
  • Working with Production Coordinator on made to order sales / unique items
  • Maintaining accurate wholesale logs
  • And reporting weekly to CEO and team
Compensation: Contract position base pay plus commission
Please send resumes to Rachel Bernhardt at rbernhardt@intlprincess.org
Part-time Bookkeeper with a Social Cause Venture!
A Bookkeeper, part-time (10-15 hours a week.) The ideal candidate will be a detail-oriented team player. We are currently running off the NetSuite platform but will be swapping that out soon (probably to Quickbooks.) This person should be comfortable stepping into a situation where there may be a bit of a learning curve.
This position will be responsible for:
  • Entering all data for Accounting
  • Preparing basic financial reports and projections
  • Maintaining the budget
  • Reconciling bank/cash with accounting
  • Assisting in other office duties
  • Payroll and payroll matters
  • A/P prep coordination
  • Reconciling sales / inventory
  • Coordinating with our CPA for taxes
  • Weekly reporting on financial and cash status to CEO and team
  • Maintaining all records
Compensation: Hourly rate
Please send resumes to Rachel Bernhardt at rbernhardt@intlprincess.org

Guest Post: A day in Hyderabad with Paula Watts Photography

We are so thrilled to get to share today’s guest post! Paula Watts is an incredible lifestyle photographer who presently resides in India. So you can imagine how thrilled we were to arrange for her to visit our sewing center in Hyderabad. Here’s a bit about her time there and a few of the MANY gorgeous images she captured during her time there. Enjoy!
I hardly knew what to expect traveling to Hyderabad to photograph the formerly trafficked women that International Princess Project works with. How do you prepare yourself for the emotions and the stories and that kind of reality?
I remember the first time I ever learned about human-trafficking. Admittedly, it wasn’t all too long ago. My husband and I were living in South Africa at the time and it was about a year before the 2010 World Cup. We were noticing posters around town asking if you’ve been “approached” with promise of work or schooling opportunities from someone you didn’t know and if so, please dial a hotline number as you may be vulnerable for trafficking. WHAT? It’s that easy? It’s that common? It’s happening around me? It made my blood boil, my stomach turn, and that feeling you get down your spine when you hear nails down a chalkboard.
Today, having educated myself on the tragic figures of human trafficking, knowing that it happens everywhere in the world (no, not just far from where we all live), not just by large villain-like movie characters (sometimes by family members or kind looking “good samaritans”), I still find it hard to comprehend how it happens and what to do about it. The sheer evil involved to trick, sell, or coerce someone into a life she is trapped into, a child sold for pennies, a woman caged, a young girl used for sex and seeing no future of anything else. It’s gut wrenching and it needs to stop. As Shannon, the founder of IPP, so eloquently puts it, “we have a zero tolerance policy”.
Shouldn’t we all?
For me, getting to photograph the rescued women that IPP helps to rebuild their lives, their dignity and to make a sustainable way for them to succeed in life was a gift to me in so many ways. It was certainly an emotional struggle to actually put faces to statistics and proper names to tragedies we had merely only discussed about. But it was necessary. And powerful. And messy. And I won’t lie, there was a lot of crying at in-opportune times, and emotions that welled up in the my throat, making it hard to speak or even swallow. But it wasn’t because these women, or I should say, young women, were sitting in pity. They weren’t sitting in a corner refusing to talk, as I would fully understand (and even expect). And it wasn’t because I felt sorry for them. It was because they, for the first time, maybe ever, are seeing a future for their lives. They are seeing hope. They are seeing and experiencing that elusive light at the end of the tunnel, and they are understanding joy. Because they are given a chance to learn a viable trade, earn a livable wage, and have resources like counseling and schooling for their children, with the help of IPP, they have a life they dreamed of. And they smile. And giggle. And their eyes sparkle and they are beautiful. And they are on the road to restoration.
Here are a few images from Paula’s time in Hyderabad:

Human Trafficking Awareness Month and Red Light Wednesday

This month is human trafficking awareness month! We want you to be aware that Human Trafficking still exists and is growing.

Human trafficking is the largest international criminal industry behind drug dealing. It happens in far off countries, yes, but did you know it happens in OUR country, too? In our states, our cities.

Will you join us in the fight to end it? We want to build a community of advocates of FREEDOM and HOPE for those who have been trafficked all our the world. This year, this MONTH is your chance to make a difference. BE a world changer!


Well, first, you can participate in Red Light Wednesday! Red Light Wednesday is a day when we take time to pray for those still trapped in red light districts around the world. Every time we stop at a red light, we pause to remember the more than 3 million women and girls enslaved in India’s sex trade. And, a day when we pause to renew our vision of giving HOPE to each and every one of them.

Also, all month long we will be partnering up with other companies in the fight against sex trafficking to bring you giveaways! Giveaways will be launched every Sunday on our social channels, be sure to follow us and enter!

And, as always, shopping our Punjammies™ products will help support the women in our sewing centers in India remain FREE from slavery!!!!

Let’s do this, world changers!!