Understanding All About The Hair Straightening Brush

How long have women, and some men been looking for the perfect hair straightening brush? History tells us that this process has been around since the time of the Egyptians. Cleopatra was probably one of the first ladies to use this method and our modern interpretation of how she looked is awe inspiring.

Before and After hair straightening process

History of the Process of Straightening Hair

As far back as 1872, ladies were straightening their hair with a process that would take up to and over two hours and was done with a metal looking rod that was heated on a stove. These rods were invented by a lovely Parians gentleman by the name of Marcel Grateau. After the straightening process, the hair  then had to be styled.

Simon Monroe was the first person to register a patent for the hair iron. It consisted of metal teeth, much like our modern day combs and it would be heated and pulled through the hair to straighten it. Another patent by K. Shero was offered in 1909 and it was two flat irons that were heated and pressed together with the hair in between the irons.

Finally in 1912, Lady Jennifer Bell Schofield created the product that most resembles our modern day flat irons that consist of two plates that are hinged together in the middle. They are heated and the hair is drawn between the two plates to remove the curl or wave.

For years ladies used the above methods until the 1980’s when beauty companies started to put plastic handles on the hot plates so they could market them to the public. From then on, the products to straighten hair have progressed to the heated brushes that are used today.

As we look at our modern day beauty tools, we will concentrate on the straightening brush and its benefits to you the customer. The are shaped just like any other hair brush, with bristles and a handle.

Don’t confuse the Straightening Brush with the Hot Air Brush, they are two different tools. Hot Air Brushes work with, hot air and rotating barrels while the Straightening Brush is much less complicated and easier to use.

NOTE: These brushes are less damaging to you hair then traditional flat irons. So lets get started at looking at which ones are the best to buy.

Buying Guide For Electric Brush Hair StraightenersDetailed parts of the hot brush

  • Look for a Brush that is Comfortable to Hold in One Hand
  • It Should Have an Off/On Button
  • Have a LCD DisPlay For Temperature
  • Plates Should Be Ceramic, Tourmaline
  • Anti-Scald Technology
  •  Automatic Shut-off
  •  Anti-Static Technology
  •  Strong But Comfortable Cool Tip Bristles


How Does It Works?

They are powered by electricity that connect to a heat generated plate that forms the base of the brush. The plate can be made of material such as tourmaline or ceramic and when heated can reach temperature of 400+degrees F. These materials are super smooth and allow the hair to glide over their surface without tangling. The hair is then drawn across the plate in a brushing motion to straighten the hair and will also release negative ions that gives the hair a silky, smooth look.

To get a bit more technical, the keratin in the hair has atoms that create molecular bonds that make hair curly, wavy, or straight. The heat breaks these bonds allowing the hair to be reshaped so if it’s to curly or wavy, it will be straightened after the heat application. Simple, Huh?

Can Anyone Use Hot Brushes?

The Hot brushes can be used for average to thin or damaged hair and you can use it daily. They have less heat so there is less chance of damaging your hair. They may take a bit more time at first, but they do add a shine to your hair as well.
Another great feature of the hot brushes is that they do add volume to the hair. Some styles of brushes do have a time getting close to the roots of your hair.

What Is The Entire Process of Using Hot Brushes?

Great results photo

The first thing that you will want to do before using a hot brush is to shampoo your hair with a good quality shampoo and condition it.

Most hot brushes will tell you to apply a heat protectant spray. They run in price from $6.00-$20.00 and you can find them at WalMart, Target, Sephora, Amazon.com and local drug stores.

Massage the heat protectant evenly throughout your hair spending time to get it to the tips of your hair also. I like to use a small amount of Argon oil as a follow up to the heat protectant. Since my hair is color treated, every little bit of extra care pays off in the long run.

Next, section your hair off  as follows, two side sections, two back sections and two top sections. This works best for me and allows a clear view of my progress as I do the procedure. Take a small part of a side section and use the heated brush like you would a normal brush, just slower. You may have to brush through each section a couple of time to get the desired straightness.

Since you took the time to prep your hair well, additional brushing is not going to damage your hair. Follow this procedure on the entire head and MAGIC will happen. You won’t believe just how easy it is from beginning to end.

If you wake up the next morning and you have a few wild ones, you can simply to take a quick zip through your hair and you are ready for the day. Yes! It is just that simple. Finally ladies, someone has invented a hair tool that will save us time.

Top 7 Rated Straightening Brush Reviews

After reviewing a ton of these brushes, I have listed some of the best products and best deals for your consideration. You will have a great time with one of these straighteners and I can almost guarantee your happiness with the results!

MiroPure 2 in 1 Ionic Brush

Features List

MicroPure straightening package

  • 16 Heat Settings
  • Temperature Lock
  • 360 degree Rotating Cord
  • Metal Ceramic Heater
  • Auto Shut Off
  • Includes Heat Resistant Glove

The MiroPure Brush will give you even heat distribution with the ceramic plates and lessen the time you need to spend on the entire process. It has anti-static technology that will diminish frizz and flyaway hairs.

It will heat up in 60 seconds to temperatures in excess of 400 degrees. If you forget to shut it off, it will turn off automatically after 60 minutes. It will leave your hair smooth, silky and straight!

DAFNI Ceramic Brush

Hot Brush by Dafni

Features List

  • Patented 3D Technology
  • Heats Up In Under One Minute
  • 10 Times More Surface Area Than a Flat Iron
  • Has a 1 year Warranty
  • Maintains a Constant Temperature of 365 degrees F
  • Use On All Hair Types

The DAFNI Ceramic Brush is 8 times faster than using a flat iron and gives you that salon look in a very short period of time. The heat on this brush stays at a constant 365 degrees so you don’t need to guess where to set it. Just plug it in, let the ceramic plate heat up and you are ready to go.

This product will work on dry, oily, curly, fine, color treated and coarse hair and you can use it every day without damaging the hair. Due to the large heating surface area, you can do the entire head of hair in a short period of time.

MILUSH  3D Brush Straightner

Features ListMilush Hair Straightening Brush

  • Heats Up In One Minute
  • 3D Ceramic Brush
  • Constant Temperature of 365 Degrees F
  • One of The Safest Brushes On the Market
  • One year Warranty
  • Not For Use On Wet Hair

The MILUSh 3D brush boasts of its constant heat temperature that assures maximum hair protection and will avoid any burns due to its unique shielding design.

It has springy plastic coated insulators on the bristles that prevent the hot surface from reaching the scalp. No need to section off your hair, just let the brush heat up and start brushing your hair as usual but in a slower fashion allowing the heat to penetrate each strand of hair.

You will spend minutes instead of hours to get the look you desire.

Apalus Hot Brush

Features ListThe versatile Apalus hot brush

  • Temperature Setting Guide
  • Auto Shut Off
  • One Year Warranty
  • LED Screen For Temperature Display
  • US Safety Plug
  • Light In Weight

When you use the Apalus Brush as directed you will never have creases that a flat iron usually leaves. It will work on all types of hair no matter how thick it is.

Don’t be afraid to tackle a long, coarse head of hair because the Apalus can handle it with no problems. You may want to section the hair off if it is really thick so you can check your progress as you go.

The handle and the head of the brush to not get hot so you are protected from any possible burns. This product has all the necessary safety measures built in.

ISA Professional Digital Brush

Features ListISA Professional hot brush

  • Digital Temperature Control
  • Two Year Warranty
  • Titanium Ceramic Brush Plates
  • Auto Shut Off After 30 Minutes
  • Rotating No Tangle Cord
  • Not For Real Fine Hair or Short Hair

You will like using the ISA Professional just because it looks so great but the fact remains, it really works!

This is a quality product and you will always know what the temperature is due to the digital LED screen. One quick glance and you know you are working at the desired temperature.

The heat plates are made to transfer the heat fast to straighten the hair quickly. You can do an entire head of hair in as little as 8 minutes. Of course, at first it will takes you longer until you master the brushing motion.

InStyler Glossie Ceramic Styling Brush

Features List

Instyler new style brush

  • Ceramic Tourmaline Plates
  • Temperature Control is Digital
  • Design Allows You To Do Styling
  • Leaves Hair Shiny, Smooth and Straight
  • Has Four Heat Settings
  • Styling Brush Leaves Volume In the Hair

The Instyler Glossie Ceramic Styling Brush will straighten your hair and also allow you to do some styling techniques around the face. The style of the brush allows you to apply tension to achieve that straight look while giving a polished smooth  finished look to your hair.

The cool tip ionic bristles are surrounded by the tourmaline ceramic plates that allow you to eliminate the frizzy look and end up with that smooth straight look in one pass. The brush style gives you the ability to get closer to the roots than many other brush styles. You can use this brush on all types of hair and is safe to use it daily.

AsaVea Brush

Features List

Hair Straightening Brush by Asa Vea

  • Designed to Prevent burning or Scalding
  • Twelve Temperature Levels
  • Takes Half the Time as a Flat Iron
  • Ceramic Heat Technology
  • Can Be Used On All Hair Types
  • Auto Shut Off After 30 Minutes

The AsaVea Brush comes with an auto lock feature that prevents you from accidentally changing the temperature. Having a constant is necessary for a successful procedure. The cord rotates a full 360 degrees so you never get in a tangled mess.

The metal ceramic heater produces constant heat and is ready to use within a minute of turning it on. Using a normal brushing motion, but slower, you will achieve fantastic result in half the time it would take to use a flat iron.

If you get distracted and forget to turn the brush off, it will automatically shut down within 30 minutes. It will leave you a beautiful head of smooth and silky straight hair.


After looking at several different straighteners the constant fact among them is that they can save you a ton of time. Couple that with the fact that damage to the hair is almost non-existent and you have one heck of a product. Success rates are off the charts which should tell you that this is the next best thing on the hair care market.

It can be used on all types of hair and can be used daily. Be sure to use the pretreatment sprays and I don’t see any reason why you would not want to give the hot brush a try. You can master the application right out of the gate because it is just like brushing your hair and you’ve been doing that for years.

If you would like to learn more about repairing your damaged hair and getting it back to a healthy state, read my article on this site here.

I hope that I have helped you understand more about hair straightening brushes and given you the incentive to try one for yourself. Wishing you much success with your new purchase, you will love it!