Washing Your Hair to Often Can Cause Damage

Just how often should I shampoo my hair? What a loaded question. There are so many variables to the answer that I would like to try and help clear it up somewhat.

I suggest that you first examine your hair close-up. What does it look like and how does it feel when you run your fingers through it.  I know we look at it every morning in the mirror, but it can change due to our health, the environment, and the products we use on it.

Here are a few thing to concentrate on. Check for split-ends, a natural sheen, healthy non-itchy scalp, natural curl, fine or delicate strands. Does it break off in the middle of a strand ? Does the scalp look flaky?

This will help you decide if you have a need for some special products and how often you need to use them as apposed to regular shampoo and conditioner. Seek a professional advise if you have problems.

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More Consideration When Doing Your Own Hair Analysis.

You can condition the heck out of your hair OR— get a new hair cut that gets rid of split ends  that gives your  hair that tacky, bushy look. My style is fairly short but is color treated so by just getting a quick trim I am back to the “great looking hair” mode.

If you go to a Beauty shop every week, most chances are that you might do one shampoo at home before your next visit. Nothing wrong with that practice. Maybe you go once a month for a trim, now we know for sure that you will shampoo several times before you visit again.

Your best gal or guy friend tells you that they wash  their hair every morning while taking a shower and getting ready for work.  They also shampoo their hair after a workout in the evening. You think that their hair looks great so maybe you should give that practice a try.

As a side note, if you are a pregnant lady, don’t expect your hair to always look and feel perfect. I can remember the first part of one of my pregnancies that my hair was wonderful and them it started to fall out at the temples. Man was I ever upset, but it grew back with no permanent effects.


You can see where I am going with all these variables! So, let’s look at it from what most professional will tell you.Guy doing a great shampoo


Who Should Wash Their Hair every day?

  • In all honesty, almost no one!!!
  • Those that workout and sweat a lot daily may need to do a daily shampoo
  • Very fine hair and those with an excessively oily scalp may need daily washing.

What Does Shampooing Do To My Hair

When you shampoo daily, you run the risk of depleting the natural oil, (sebum ) that keeps your hair shinny and your scalp healthy. When shampooing every day, you could be creating a new problem. You’ll end up with dry, brittle hair because you are stripping away the natural oil every time you wash your hair.

It doesn’t always help by purchasing high dollar hair care products. The trouble with some of the hair products today is that the ingredients in them can’t tell the good oil in the hair from the bits of dirt and dust so it removes everything.

You don’t necessarily need to shampoo color treated hair more often but it is a great idea to do a deep moisturizing treatment at least once a month. When coloring or bleaching you hair, it becomes more porous as the hair follicles open up and they not only absorb the color but also become more fragile. Your hair will have a tendency to dry out faster with a color treatment and the shampoo will dry it out even more.

Using permanent waving lotions, the follicles also open up and by using a neutralizer, they close back up and you are still stripping away natural oils from your scalp and hair. Seems like everything we do to be in style can damage our hair.Washing Hair Can Cause Damage

Don’t get discouraged yet, there is still an answer to the question,”How often should I shampoo my hair?” You can see by now that there are so many thing that can affect the quality of your hair and when it needs washing.

One other thing we can think about is using a dry shampoo once in a while to fill in between water shampoos. It to has some chemicals in it so don’t get lazy and think you can do it all the time.

So, What is the Answer to the Question, How Often Should I Wash My Hair?

The answer is—wait for it—-it really depends on the individual because we are all so different. Of course there are guidelines to follow for your certain texture of hair but it really comes down to you and what condition your hair is in.

If you have been washing daily for years with no problems, keep doing what works for you. If your best friend uses shampoo daily and that is why you do but your hair looks dry and crappy, STOP IT! If you look like Grease ball Louie after 3 days, common sense tells you, “Wash that stuff on your head and do it NOW.”

Your best bet is to talk with your professional stylist or a dermatologist as to the condition of your skin and hair and follow their advise when you doubt your own common sense. If a sales person pushes a product at you it doesn’t always mean that you need it. I have faith in your ability to know your own hair. You know the old says,. “if it feels good do it.” Well let me add “If your hair is dirty, WASH it! It is just that simple! Trust yourself and what you know and are willing to learn about your own hair. Good luck to you and your beautiful hair!

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