Oribe Shampoo and Conditioner Review

The ultra-gentle solution that you will find with Oribe Shampoo for Beautiful Color provides the vivid look to colored treated hair using its high-tech substances that provide intensive dampness and secures color from harmful, color-depleting factors. Uniquely formulated to restore over-processed/chemically-treated hair.  The particular solution protects color, and it is made without the paraben group or salt chloride, it is a color and keratin treatment and offers ultraviolet protection.

Orbie Feature List

  • Soft Cleanser
  • Protects color
  • Tones up over-processed and chemically treated hair
  • Helps to protect from the color-depleting connection between environmental contaminants and the sun’s rays
  • Made without the paraben group or salt chloride. Color and keratin safe. Ultra-violet safety .

Oribe Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Oribe formulated this ultra gentle hair shampoo and conditioner to properly detox without draining away any of that beautiful color, as well as providing repairing substances that help strands remain healthy. Fruit-based bioflavonoids retain color vivid and moisture-restoring baobab shrub extract rehydrates your locks. A powerful mixture of edelweiss plant, kaempferia galanga roots, and melon ingredients also help to protect from discoloration, color fading and dehydrating.

Key Highlights

  • Soft Cleanser, tones up over-processed as well as chemically-treated. Helps to protect from the color-depleting negative effects of environmental toxins and the sun’s rays.
  • The sulfate-free soft solution for color-treated hair. Consists of the best level of purple pigments to embellish and get rid of brassiness.
  • High-shine, hydrating shampoo. Retains hair’s organic oils. Light-weight.

Maintaining exactly what the colorist expected, these types of color protectors provide improved protection from the color zapping impact of the sun’s rays and environmental pollution. Good moisturizers, as well as reparative substances, focus on the driest and broken areas, providing vibrant color and smooth to the touch. A good ultra-gentle solution for ultra-beautiful tresses.

Increase the vibrant life of your color with high-tech substances that focus on harmed areas for extreme dampness treatment. It lathers nicely with paraben free elements. Ultraviolet Protection. Color safe.

Oribe, from one of the very most influential hair stylists of all time is individually tailored to fulfill your needs with the genuinely extravagant expertise. These are the basic solutions for any passionate hair lady.

Oribe has a significant price tag, however, with it you get a quality solution all around. The products are of premium quality and simple to use. This shampoo is available in a curved, flat bottle having a flip top to open and press the product out easily. The packaging is a classic squeeze tube. The scent is unquestionably amazing.


  • 100 % natural ingredients for example melon extract and kaempferia galanga extract protect strands from the dehydrating and fading results of ultra violet rays from the sun.
  • Baobab tree, Edelweiss floral extract, and also lychee extract give deep hydrating Making your mane smooth and manageable.
  • This distinctive formulation helps in avoiding keratin loss that can result in dreary, fragile locks.
  • Bioflavonoids, which are organic anti-oxidants that give some fruits their vibrant color, help prevent your color from fading.
  • Tones up over-processed as well as chemically-treated hair.
  • Helps to protect from the color-depleting results of environmental impurities and the sun’s rays.


  • Oribe Unique Complex (Melon, Lychee, and Edelweiss Floral Ingredients) Protects strands from the oxidative strain, photoaging and the degeneration of organic keratin, all while preserving from the dehydrating, harmful and color-depleting results of the weather.
  • Bioflavonoids, subject to providing fruits their excellent colors, secure hair’s own tone from removing and staining.
  • Baobab Tree, provided by an African herb, well known for its moisture storage, provides the identical advantage to dry, color-treated locks, providing exceptional dampness to your driest parts first.Edelweiss Flower Benefits
  • Edelweiss Floral Extract, produced by the Switzerland Alps, gives organic safety against the dehydrating, adverse and color-depleting results of the weather.
  • Kaempferia Galanga, located in South-east Asia, Provides organic ultra violet protection.
  • Multi-Layered ultra violet safety system provides long-lasting UV ray safety and helps to protect from the side effects of the sun’s rays.
  • Melon Extract, coming from the Kalahari, gives organic coverage against oxidative strain and the damage of organic keratin.
  • Made without the paraben group or salt chloride. Coloration and keratin treatment protected.

About the Manufacturer

Oribe Hair Care was started with the aim of making an innovative type of business, one which was made with more acute buyers in mind. When producing the range, the company did not want to skimp on any details. This company utilized skincare technological innovation and organic actives to provide high-performance, treatment-based products – just about all while never neglecting the healthy hair which is the supporting for an alluring, attractive styling.

Each and every product has been produced to guarantee the highest outcomes, leaving them with a best-in-class range that genuinely fulfills the requirements of the hair-obsessed.


chemical treated hairThis line is more expensive. You can get other less expensive products. But that is not exactly what Oribe is about. It is more about the quality and results.  Attractive bottles, lovely fragrances, and delightful, perfect tresses.  You will definitely get your monies worth a small amount goes a long way.

Things I especially like about this particular product is that it’s made to protect your locks from the weather. In case you’re someone who usually spends considerable time outside, the chances are you realize that your locks can easily be ruined by sun’s rays, blowing wind, and environmental toxins. This solution helps protect it.

Oribe Shampoo and Conditioner Set for Beautiful Color is a great-smelling solution which leaves your mane smooth, sparkly, and free of knots.

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