Pureology Hydrate – Best Shampoo for Dry Color Treated Hair

If you are interesting in getting back that lost luster and shine your hair use to have, consider trying Pureology Hydrate Shampoo . This quality super hydrating product is sulfate free and will work on all types and textures of hair as a remarkable moisturizing treatment.

If you have color treated hair, no problem, this shampoo will help you retain the color in your hair until it is necessary to get another color treatment.  Pureology Hydrate will make your hair feel light and breezy and not weighted down by to many additives in your grooming products.

Pureology Hydrate Shampoo

Why Use Sulfate Free Shampoo

Sulfates are surfactants that attract dirt molecules and buildup. When you rise your hair after a shampoo, they wash away. Here’s the problem. The sulfates can also grab ahold of the color and oils in your hair also. It may feel squeaky clean but you are also stripping the natural oils and the color that you paid so much for at the salon. Learn more here about the benefits of Sulfate Free Shampoos.

Features List

  • Shampoo is Sulfate Free
  • Super Hydrating – Infuses Moisture into The Hair
  • Does not Strip Color Treated Hair
  • Minimizes Static
  • Contains Nutrients That Will Strengthen and Rebuild Hair
  • Fragrance Is A Signature Aromatherapy Blend

Pureology Hydrate – The Science Behind

Pureology takes the business of hair care very seriously and want to give their customers the very best products they can make. They pride themselves in making 100% vegan formulas which means that they do not use any animal products or byproducts, but only the purest, natural plant extracts.

They are committed in helping you to maintain healthy hair even if it is colored treated.  The shampoos they make are sulfate free and contain such ingredients as corn, coconut, and sugar to cleanse the hair in a more natural fashion and without stripping any color from treated hair.

The more natural the cleansing process is to your hair, the less chance of damage accouring. Pureology not only cares about cleaning and conditioning your hair, they create their formulas to repair and rebuilt each strand of hair.

Their products also make it easy to maintain your scalp in a healthy condition which in turn can help with the regrowth of hair and the  flow of your own natural oils to the scalp. Keeping the hair follicles and scalp clean without drying them out is a real trick. The ingredients in Pureology make it possible for this to happen.

Their techniques include having an advanced hydrating process to revitalize dry, brittle hair that has been over processed. At the same time it will provide protection to prevent color fading. Say good-bye to those nasty free-radicals that are always causes us trouble in and on our bodies.

You will enjoy the exciting, signature aromatherapy fragrance that accompanies this shampoo and is  comprised of a special blend of patchouli, ylang-ylang, and bergamot. It is an unmistakable scent, real earthy!

What Customers Are Saying About Pureology Hydrate?

This shampoo was created for ladies that color treat their hair constantly. Pureology wanted a product just for them, and we all know that this type of hair does require more care than virgin hair does. Everyone that has ever used Pureology Shampoo has seen some degree of improvement in the moisture in their hair.

Words such as ” intense improvement, more vibrant, silky to the touch, feels stronger, smells different”, are repeated over and over from customers. It will depend on the amount of damage done to your hair before using Pureology as to how fast you see tons of improvement.  Although, you will notice a difference the first time you use it, even if it is slight.

Other customers praise the product because it does not strip the color in their hair so they don’t have to get a expensive color treatment as often as they did when using a different brand of shampoo. There was one customer that was not so wild about how it smelled but said she slowly learned to like it because she loved how it repaired her hair by making it easy to manage again.

Check out this customers testimonial on her experience with Pureology Hydrate.

The biggest complaint is that customers are not crazy about the fragrance of the product. Some say it is just to masculine smelling, and one lady thought it smelled like dirty socks! That is probably the Patchouli

fragrance in it. I personally don’t care for patchouli either.

Pureology Hydrate Line – What other products come in this line?

Pureology created a lovely Hydrate Conditioner that complements the Hydrate Shampoo and it also works on all hair types and textures. Apply it right after the Hydrate Shampoo for a light-weight, and tangle-free feel to your hair. They make the perfect duo.

What makes the Pureology Hydrate Line a must for Dry Damaged Hair?

If you have been searching and searching for a shampoo that will give you amazing results for your color treated hair, this is the end of your search. This shampoo comes in different sizes but I am sure you will love what it does for your hair so go for the 33.8 ounce size.

It only take a quarter size amount in the palm of you hand to produce a rich lather that will repair the damage that color treating does to hair.

Remember this product is sulfate free and vegan and will keep your hair protected from damage as it hydrates both your hair and scalp the more you use it.

You don’t have to suffer with dry brittle hair just because you want it a certain color that fits your mood. It can be repaired to a touchable feel and vibrant luster with Pureology Hydrate Shampoos‘ anti-fade properties.

long healthy ombre hairPureology uses advanced hydrating micro-emulsion technology to hydrate the hair deeply and to enhance color radiance. The formula includes natural extracts like peppermint, sage, rosemary, along with proteins from soy, oats and wheat.

I would like to suggest that you give this product a try if you have color treated hair that needs some TLC. Use it also as a preventative to retain the natural oils in your hair and scalp. Using Pureology Hydrate Shampoo is the answer to your dry, faded hair. Good luck and be sure and try the Hydrate Conditioner also, you will love it!


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