Shu Uemura Color Lustre Brilliant Glaze Shampoo Review

Do you fear that your color treated hair will lose its color after you have spent a significant amount of money on it. You can eliminate this fear by using products for color-treated hair. Introducing Shu Uemura Color Lustre Shampoo and Conditioner it protects your locks from color fading and damage caused by color treatments.

Let this review say for itself.

Feature List

  • Designed for color treated 
  • Helps to protect from color fade
  • Refined appearance
  • Sulfate / Paraben free formulation
  • Changes into an abundant, ample foam which lathers fast while providing easy rinsing

Shu Uemura Color Lustre Brilliant Glaze Shampoo

Shu Uemura Shampoo Review

A  sulfate-free shampoo that gives a  beautiful shine to your hair. This cleansing shampoo makes a full rich foam that lathers instantly and gives effortless rinsing while preserving hair from color washout. It consists of musk rose essential oil, the exotic goji berry, and lipids, it levels out the hair while giving your hair a beautiful shine.

Here are a few key highlights:

  • 100 % natural ingredients contain Musk Rose Oil, that is abundant with organic essential fatty acids, and the exotic goji berries, undoubtedly one of nature’s best anti-oxidants.
  • Both conditioner and shampoo are particularly made to protect color-treated hair from loss of color.
  • All-natural lipids in this shampoo simulate your natural hair and scalp oils to take care of
  • The Japanese rose perfume is organic and not overwhelming, leaving your mane smell as beautiful as it looks.

If your locks ares facing the adverse effects of wintertime and is looking lifeless and free of moisture, you need to try out this line. It’s 100 % pure decadence for winter season ravaged locks. The product smells incredible and it has make your hair smooth and sleek.

This product line presents a new development to protect color and strength to your mane. Shu Uemura brings a quality line of products that produces a distinctive method of good hair care and color safety.

This company has considered how people diligently take care of their locks. It is just like rejuvenating a canvas by using a varnish of oils to guard the artwork against its main assailant - water. Much like a canvas, hair carries an organic defensive varnish that makes a hydrophobic layer along the fiber. Your hair coloring method and normal cleanising wear out this defensive layer, making the fiber coarse and triggering color to disappear, leading to broken, dry and lifeless strands.

Being mindful of this, this product is definitely the foremost color-treated product specifically made with a potent refining lipid which reinstates your hair’s organic protective varnish to restrict color washout, making it lively and refined with optimum shine.

Key Ingredients

Illustrating from the brand’s essential oil competence, the range is combined with refining lipid (18 MEA) to shine your hair, and uncover true dynamics and color brilliance. On top of that, it is made with exceptional and valuable substances to circumvent oxidation:

  • The Exotic Goji Berry Extract: One of the most powerful natural origin of anti-oxidants to protect color.
  • Musk Rose Essential Oil: Abundant with Omega with other essential fatty acids to nurture your hair.

This specific sulfate-free formulation provides gentle cleansing detoxification of color-treated locks while providing it an elegant touch. One thing I like about this product is that despite the fact that it's sulfate free, it still lathers up properly. Additionally, it rinses neat and leaves your hair feeling fresh and looking shiny and nutritious.

For a weekly routine, the ShuUemura glaze treatment can help restore your tresses from day-to-day abuse. I have enjoyed watching this product work wonders on my own hair. It is one of the best strong conditioning treatments I have used. While distressing in a warm bath massage through your mane and leave in for 5-10 mins.

It makes my hair so sleek and glossy. It is a great treatment masque for extra nutrition, glow, and color upkeep which you can use every day as an alternative to a conditioner for severely damaged hair or for a once a week treatment for flawless hair.

This Color Lustre Brilliant Glaze does more than just help prevent color loss. It improves the overall health of hair. This lightweight leave-in whole milk is strong with refining lipid. It quickly gives a glazed look for long-lasting hair styling, conditioning radiantly There’s a little bit of tag shock, however, this is a product will do amazing things for color-treated hair. The results outweighs the cost and if it helps repair damage hair then why not.

How to Use

  1. Use a quarter-size amount 
  2. Rub into the head by using fingertips and hands.
  3. Wash thoroughly.
  4. For oilier scalps, it is good to repeat the steps 1-3.


  • Converts into a vibrant foam which lathers rapidly & provides easy cleansing
  • Includes Musk Rose Essential oil, full of essential fatty acids & Vitamin A Palmitate to nurture hair fiber profoundly
  • Combined with antioxidant-rich the exotic Goji Berry Extract to cover locks from oxidation & coloration fade
  • Fragrant of the Japanese rose, great smelling 
  • Makes hair smooth, sleek & gleaming with vivid color


This particular line from Shu Uemura continues to be a top seller for color treated hair. It restores hair organic defensive varnish. The formula is perfectly designed with the best level of refining lipid; your hair will look beautiful and sleek. It will make your locks more soft, adaptable and simpler to style.

Therefore, if you’ve been desperate for a quality product which don’t affect your color, but also help it become gentle, sleek and shiny, then it's absolutely worth trying along with other products in this line.

I’m a big admirer of Shu Uemura Color Lustre Shampoo and I am confident knowing that I am using one of the best product line on my hair.