The Chi Touch 2 Hair Dryer Review

The Chi Touch 2 Hair Dryer

The Farouk Systems has come out with their second generation of professional touch screen hair dryers. The Chi Touch 2 is their newest dryer that is operated by a 2.4-inch touch screen located on the top of the dryer.

Before using the dryer, you will set the temperature, speed of the fan, and the 3D ion generation system. There are four dials that appear on the screen and you will select your drying program with a touch to each speedometer style dial.

  • Touch Screen Programming
  • Fast-Drying Action
  • 1875 watts
  • Has Ion Technology
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable Concave Handle
  • More Compact Style

Learning how to operate the Chi Touch 2 is not complicated. The only drawback I can see with this technology is the fact that you will have to stop drying your hair if you want to change the temperature, speed, or ion output of the dryer.

As with most new products, learn how to use it the right way and it could take a couple of drying sessions to get your settings right. The Farouk Systems worked with scientists from NASA on microencapsulation to create their products, so you know they are high tech.

Chi Touch 2 Hair Dryer Is Best Suitable For What Hair Type?

As technology progresses, hair dryers can now be used by just about everyone with any type of hair. It is just the fact that you need to get the settings right for your type of hair.

Heat protectant is recommended for all hair types but if you have dry damaged hair, you should always use a heat protectant.

To learn about the different features blow dryers have to offer and which ones are right for you, check out this info article here.

With the 1875 watts of power the Chi Touch 2 will dry even the thickest head of hair in half the time than the old styled dryers.

The ion output is 3x that of other hair dryers so it is safe to assume that the Chi Touch 2 will leave you with soft, smooth hair without the nasty frizzies.

Since ion technology makes it possible for your hair to retain some moisture within the hair shaft, your hair will have a beautiful sheen to it.


Chi Touch 2 Dryer Questions & Facts

How Much Wattage Does This Dryer Have? 1875 Watts

The watts used for the Chi Touch 2 is 1875. That is plenty of wattage to produce not only a moist heat but an extremely consistent heat flow that will leave your hair smooth and silky without the frizz.

What is the Heating Material/Technology? Ceramic Ionic

The heating element is made out of ceramic.

The Chi Touch 2 emits over three times more ions with its 3D ion generation system. The ions generated will brake up the water particle on your wet hair into much smaller particles allowing the hair to dry quickly. The cuticle on the hair shaft will close quicker, retaining some moisture and getting rid of the excess for frizz-fee results.

Does It Have A Cool Shot Button? Yes

The Cool shot button is on the front of the handle and is easy to locate while holding the dryer. You will be able to set the temperature of this button with the touch screen. If you are drying a section of your hair at a time, roll that section around your brush, and hit the cool shot button. Your have just created a lasting curl. The science behind this is the cool shot helps close the cuticle of the hair shaft forming the hair into the shape of the brush.

Does it Have Attachments? Yes

When you purchase the Touch 2 you will also receive two attachments, a diffuser and a concentrator. The diffuser is used for drying hair to its natural state and the concentrator will allow you to concentrate the flow of air to a specific area on the head.

 The Farouk Systems also offer two of their hair products with the dryer. You will get “Silk Infusion” that protects the hair against thermal styling and too much sun, and “Iron Guard” used with hot styling tools to prevent damage. Both are leave in products.

What are the Heat and Speed Settings? 6 Heat/Speed Settings

Most dryers have a low, medium and high settings but the Touch 2 operates differently. With the touch screen you will see a dial, much like a speedometer, that has numerous lines that you will move with your fingers to select the temperature you want. There is also a dial for the speed and one for the ion output plus a dial for the cool shoot button.

The heat element itself is ceramic technology which produces moist and even heat as the airflow passes over it to give your hair a controlled professional finish without any damage

What is the Weight ?  Lightweight

The dimensions of the dryer are 13.2 x 4.14 x 13.5 inches and is slimmer than their previous hair dryers. Shipping weight is over 4 pounds but that includes everything. It is stated that it is also lighter in weight than their previous line of blow dryers. I would classify this as a medium sized dryer.

How long is the Cord? 8 ft 8 in

Hair dryers cord lengths vary between 6 ft and 9 Ft. The length of the cord may be a buying factor depending on where the plugin is located compared to where you actually stand to dry your hair. This cord being 8’ 8” is on the long side. This is great for those who dry their hair in multiple location and you never know the distance between the plug in and where you will need to stand to dry your hair.  On the other hand, if you always blow dry in the same spot and your plug in is right next to the mirror you may find this cord too long as this cord is not retractable and it may get in your way.

What is the Price? Mid-range

Before we talk about price, let me say this, “the more technology a product has, the higher the price” and the most famous saying, “you get what you pay for.” This isn’t meant to scare you away, but you will spend right around $200.00 for this dryer. I have seen it as high as $300 on some sites.  This may seem like a ton of money for a dryer but keep in mind that you will be using it just about every day, and you need it to work and keep up with your morning routine. Professionals use this dryer daily in their salons and numerous times per day. Their reviews are about 95% positive on the Chi Touch 2.

Chi Touch 2 Blow Dryer


  • Remembers Your Previous Settings
  • Extra Long Cord
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Power Button on Back of Handle
  • Handle Detaches
  • Even Heat Distribution
  • Easy and Comfortable Grip
  • Dryer Style is Hands Free
  • Soft Textured exterior
  • Dries Hair Quickly
  • Lightweight
  • Ionic Feature emits over 3 x's more ions
  • Long Cord
  • Hands-free: Back of dryer can be used as a stand on a flat
    surface for hands-free drying
  • Cool Shot Button
  • Hard to Adjust the Settings While in Use
  • Touch Screen Doesn't Work Well with Damp Hands

What is the Cost of this Blow Dryer?

For a young lady starting her very own grooming routine, I think this dryer is a bit to pricey and complicated, although the children of today understand more about touch screen technology than most older adults do.

I have seen this dryer used in many beauty salons by professionals. They should tell you about the quality of the product.

What are the Customers Saying About This Dryer? 

Customers love the way their hair looks and feels after using this dryer. No more frizz and shiney.

Drying time is cut in half, so their hair is spending less time under heat and they are noticing that the overall health of their hair has improved.

While the touch screen may seem like a cool feature, it is hard to adjust the settings while in use as you need to look at the display. You can't adjust the temp and speed while blowing.  If your hands are dampl it is the touch screen is finicky and doesn't work well.


Chi Touch 2 Dryer Review Conclusion

After some research of my own and reading countless customer reviews and professional reviews, I am hard pressed to say much of anything bad about this product.

I don’t like the fact that you have to stop drying your hair if you want to change the touch screen for different drying settings.

Most hair types can use this dryer due to its ion technology that produce three times the ions as other dryers.

It is good practice for all types of hair to use a heat protectant to keep your hair in a healthy condition

 If you want to spend money on a dryer, get one of good quality and the Chi Touch 2 is that dryer. If you are looking for something with a smaller price, check out my reviews on other professional hair dryers here.

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