Best Pajama Brands 2019

Who doesn’t like slipping into a soft and cozy, or a sleek and smooth pair of PJ’s after having a nice relaxing bath? Let’s face it ladies, we get to indulge ourselves often in this ritual and it is just for us! I have always been fascinated by different styles, colors, and textures of pajamas and I will be the first to admit I have way too many pairs but I’m not about to change any time soon. A new pair of PJs’ is a special thing I do just for “me”, and no one must know about it.

I have reviewed 10 different top rated women's pajamas and would like to share my findings with you to use as buying factors such as the style, cost, materials used, how to care for them and if they feel comfortable, the things that are important to a spotential customer. I have tried to spread out this review to cover everyone’s available budget amount. Some of the reviews will be redundant since all companies use the same types of material that will feel soft and comfortable on the skin.


Buying Factors For A Good Pair of Pajamas

Materials Used

When considering the materials used, you want something that will feel soft next to your skin.You don’t want a sparkly scratchy material, even if it looks good.

The idea of soft material is to make you feel comfortable while sleeping so your sleep is not interrupted. 

You want a material that will move with your body and not bind-up. Slinky or sexy pajamas are usually made of silk, rayon, spandex, and compound materials made with those three materials.


Look for a product that the minute you touch it, you know it feels good and you can just imagine how great it is going to feel all over your body.

You don’t want a product that makes you wonder if it is going to feel comfortable, you will know in an instant that it is right for you.

We are not always looking for a garment that is form fitting, especially if we need a good nights’ sleep. Save the tight-fitting, sexy pajamas for a special night when you don’t plan on getting much rest!

Color Options

As with any garment, night ware comes in many colors and styles. You will notice though that most come in numerous shades of pastel colors.

The colors are meant to give you a relaxed feeling and not wake-up your senses. Companies like to use soft tones of pink, yellow, blue, green and of course white.

They still make the special night garments in red, black and even hot pink! Most garments will be in solid colors, but they also come in plaids, floral prints and animal prints.


If you do all your buying on line, you will find a sizing chart that the company offers to help you select the proper fit.

Keep in mind that a size 10 in a pajama will not fit you like a size 10 jean.

They are meant to fit you loosely so there aren’t any binding seams or tight waste bands to make sleeping uncomfortable.

You don’t want to be waking up in the night and ripping off your jammys because they are binding in the crotch or stuck under an armpit. You might want to read some reviews from previous customers who talk about how true the sizing runs.

Care of Garments

Always read the tags on your purchase because the manufacturers will give exact instructions on how to care for their products. They want you to be happy with your purchase and value you as a return customer.

If your garment is 100% pure silk, be prepared to have it dry cleaned. PJ’s are also made of silk and another material combined and they can be washed by hand in warm water and dried on a hanger or very low heat in a dryer.

Most fleece or terry cloth material can be washed in a gentle cycle machine and low heat in a clothes dryer.

As previously mentioned, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


When I talk about functionality, I’m talking about getting the right style, size, and material in your purchase that fits the reason your buying the garment.

If you are looking for a cool pair of jammys to just lay around the house in and not have to worry about who shows up at your door, don’t get a sexy teddy! Get that loose-fitting comfortable set that fits just perfect with the couch. 

You might want to get a set that has a pocket so you can carry your phone everywhere and who doesn’t do that!

If it’s summer time and you will be running in and out of the house, a cute pair of shorts with a matching tee would be perfect


The pajamas I have reviewed range from acceptable quality to exceptional quality and you will pay for the exceptional, believe me!

The more attention the manufacturer pays to little details, the more expensive the product will be. Look at the size of the stitches, on the inside, check the hemlines to see how strong they are and if they are uniform, how adjustable is the waist band?

If you order a print garment, is the print straight on the fabric, if it has outside pocket, are they evenly placed?

I have purchased a bathrobe that had set-in pockets and one of them was sewn shut! As with anything, you get what you pay for!

PajamGram Pajamas

This company has created a real neat product. The idea behind it, make it easy for Men to get their sweetheart a cool pair of jammys without going shopping in a department store. Men are not their only customers, I know for a fact. Yes, I have a set!  Their gift boxing is very attractive and makes you feel special just opening it.

  • Materials Used: Bamboo Viscose, Spandex, Rayon, Cotton, knit Jersey, French terry, polyester.
  • Comfort: Soft to the touch and easy to move around in.
  • Colors & Options: Fit/Measurement: The Company offers you a sizing chart. Customers says the sizes run true to what you order.
  • Care: machine wash and machine dry material but always read the instructions.
  • Functionality: Simple sleep ware and some sexy pieces.
  • Quality: Good quality for the price

Everyone will enjoy owning this brand of pajamas and to get them as a gift on Valentines Day would make them even more delightful. Versatile use of material make all the sets special. The price is reasonable which is between $25-$65 dollars.

Juliana Rae Pajamas

This company offers pajamas in the middle price range and are classy styles for those of us that don’t mind spending the money on them. They have unique styles, so I feel what you like is a very personal choice for you to make for yourself. Lovely and flattering styles give the product an expensive look. Quality product at an affordable price.

Features Fact List

  •  Material: 100% Natural Mulberry Silk, Some cotton.
  • Comfort: Has a rich luster, light enough to be breathable and comfortable.
  • Color Options: Mostly rich primary colors, very vibrant and well designed with quality detail.
  • Fit/Measurement: Garment material is cut on the bias for a truer fit on your curves.
  • Care: 100% silk takes special care, wash by hand or have it dry cleaned.
  • Functionality: these PJ’s can be worn by anyone, any time of day or night.
  • Quality: Tailored to perfection. With the proper care they will last for years.

For the ultimate in Pajama wear, Juliana Rae is a brand you will be proud to own. The styles are versatile, from spa robes, silk robes, panties, camisoles of 100% Mulberry silk to cotton Pajamas. You can’t go wrong with this brand. Be willing to spend some money as the range in price is from $17 for panties to $300 for 100% silk jammys.

Ekouaer Brand

This brand claims to be eco-friendly so those of you ladies that worry about the environment, this would be a smart buy for you. The styles are aimed at the age group of gals from 20-40 years of age. They offer many styles and colors from short PJ sets to long pants and sleeves. Now for the best part, just through them in the washer and dryer and you’re done. I still recommend reading care instructions due to the compositions of the material. Elastic waist with a drawstring makes for the perfect fit.

  • Material: Mostly made with Viscose, spandex, cotton, rayon, breathable but stretchy materials
  • Comfort: Materials used make the garments comfortable, cool and soft next to the skin.
  • Colors/Options: Many styles and tons of colors to choose from.
  • Fit/Measurement: The company guides you through their size chart, so you get a perfect fit.
  • Care: Watch the labels for care instructions as some products have rayon which will shrink as will cotton.
  • Functionality: The styles are so diverse that this product will work for lounging or sleeping.
  • Quality: This would be a lower priced product but that doesn’t mean it’s bad.

I really like the diversity of this company’s products from long pants and long sleeves to comfy short sets.  At the price, don’t expect to find perfection in detail as you will with higher priced products. If the tag says dry clean---do it! I have ruined a few jammy sets by not following the manufacturers advise. If you don’t get attached to your jammys and like to switch them up all the time. This would be a good buy. At the price of $9-$30 you know they aren’t going to last as long as more expensive products.

Splendid Brand Jammys

The Splendid brand of night wear is cute and modern in their styles and you won’t be afraid to wear some of them out in public, if the occasion warranted it. The styles range from shorts, to capri, to long pants and the tops are also in many styles. They also offer warm super soft cardigans to wear around the house. Versatility and style seem to be their forte along with many different types of material used to make their garments. Since spandex is used, you can expect the jammys to stretch to a certain degree, allowing for added comfort.

Features List

  • Material: Rayon, Spandex, polyester, and cottons are used for the products.
  • Comfort: All the materials used are known for their comfort next to the skin, but this brand is a bit thin.
  • Colors/Options: A multitude of colors are used by Splendid Brand jammys, from pastels to primary colors.
  • Fit/Measurements: The company offers a chart to compare your clothes size with for a comfortable fit.
  • Care: Most of the products from Splendid recommend that you use a cold-water wash and low temp for drying.
  • Functionality: Soft to the touch, stretchy material, versatile styles, perfect match for jammys.
  • Quality: Pretty good quality for the price of especially with the diversity of style.

This brand of jammys are given great reviews as to style, color, durability but most customers said that they run big and have had to send them back to get a better fitting pair. They are very versatile in the fabrics used and have numerous styles to choose from. The price is what I would call a low to medium range for a product that will last longer then a year or so. The price range is from $20-$120 which fits the product well.

Olivia Von Halle

Okay ladies, here is your top of the line, “Cadillac or Ferrari” of Pajamas! Inspired by CoCo Chanel and made with a British tailoring tradition, this truly is a product of luxury. They are the best of the best and they are NOT a “throw in the washing machine” garment. Special care is required but if you can afford these pajamas, I’m pretty sure you don’t do your own laundry.  The styles are exquisite and will always be at the top end of fashion. Tailored to fit, you can also get them monogramed for that very personal touch.

Features List

  • Material: Finest quality imported 100% silk and silk charmeuse, natural fiber mulberry silk
  • Comfort: Due to the quality of the material, there is a natural flattering drape on the body along with ultra-softness next to the skin.
  • Colors/Options: There are a few garments that comes in pastel colors, but most are rich, striking primary colors with a rich hue.
  • Fit/Measurements: The company tells you the measurements of the garments in inches and centimeters as they are imported.
  • Care: Since the fashions are made of 100% silk, special care is needed. The best way to preserve them is by dry cleaning. You can use cool hand wash.
  • Functionality: Great for a lady of leisure, but I personally couldn’t justify owning a pair when I often run out to the garden or mailbox in my jammys.
  • Quality: Being a top of the line garment, you can be sure that the quality is there! These pieces have the signature mother of pearl buttons, ivory piping and undeniable quality workmanship needed to justify the price which ranges from $340-$1495.

Who wouldn’t like to own a pajama set by Olivia Von Halle just once? Obviously, this is not a brand name that everyone can afford but if you can, go for it and send the rest of us pictures! Truly a fashion statement in sleep ware and a perfect way to tell that lady you love just how important she is to you. The highest in quality and at the same time, a soft and lovely feeling next to your body. The drape of the material makes your body feel that the piece was created just for you.


This brand of sleep wear and under garments were designed to fit women of all sizes and shape, not just skinny minny girls. They wanted to give every lady the joy of owning something special that would flatter their own special body type. The use of Modal in their mixture of material created a product that is unique to their company and the fiber will hug the body just where it should for an attractive fit. They have a full line of lingerie that would please any woman because it is diverse in nature.

Features List 

  • Material: Mostly spandex and modal, a fiber made from the beech tree, combined to make a soft, stretchy jersey material. They also use Viscose, a type of rayon.
  • Comfort: claims to be super soft next to the skin and will stretch with your every movement while sleeping
  • Color/Option: Lots of dark primary colors and some pastels in lingerie.
  • Fit/ Measurement: Most PJ’s and robes are in small, med, and large and they give you the measurements in inches and cm.
  • Care: Since most all garment is model, rayon, it is suggested that they be hand washed and dried in the open or very low heat in the dryer.
  • Functionality: These fashions work as great sleep ware or use to lounge around the house. Under garment are just that, under garments.
  • Quality: Above average in the quality of the material and the workmanship. Priced between $30-$200.

Eberjey brand pajamas are truly worth the money paid for them and the line is very diverse as they do a fun line of lingerie. Attention is paid to quality and finishing touches such a contracting piping trim, and complete facings. The material provides a flattering drape to the garment as it flows with your body.

didk pajamas

This line of nightwear is geared to the gals that are teenage to early twenties. Playful styles, colors and patterns make up the entirety of their line. A whole gambit of materials are used to end up with the now fashion look. They are very inexpensive, and I would say they are designed to catch the eye rather than for comfort. All in all, fun clothes to own and enjoy wearing at the next slumber party.

Features List

  • Material: The line is made from cotton, spandex, rayon, polyester and cotton-spandex.
  • Comfort: I think this line is more for play than for sleeping comfort, but it depends on the individual.
  • Colors/Options: The colors vary but they use many fun animal prints, written sayings and lace trim.
  • Fit/Measurement: You can refer to their charts for a near perfect fit.
  • Care: Since the materials used are so diverse, check with the manufacturer label on how to care for your purchase.
  • Functionality: Again, the garments look to be fun to wear and if that is how you want to feel, buy them.
  • Quality: Not the top of the line in quality but versatile and cute.

Fun jammys to wear with lots of different themes. Young gals change their minds so often, you can afford to buy them 3 or 4 pairs at a time. I don’t care to sleep with anything with lace on it as it can be annoying and itchy, but for a fun night, one of the bralette and short sets would be just the ticket. Don’t expect superior quality for this price, but they could be fun to own or keep on hand for a quick gift exchange. The price range runs from $4-$25 dollars.

Lily Silk Pajamas

Finally, we find a company that wants to pamper men and women both, with their 100% pure silk pajamas. Their versatility in style and color are second to none and I am sure anyone could find one of their products to fall in love with. Soft draped material follows the natural contour of the body for an unforgettable look and unforgettable comfort. Whether you are lounging or sleeping, this would be a product to own.

Features List

  • Material: 100 % pure, silk, and mulberry silk
  • Comfort: These PJ’s will be light weight and comfortable next to your skin.
  • Color/Option: Colors are many for men and women, with a silky, shiny finish
  • Fit/Measurements: Men’s are sized from small to 3x and women are xs to xxl with info in inches
  • Care: Most products should be hand washed, but Lily Silk says you can machine wash in cold water, gentle cycle.
  • Functionality: Fabulous lounge ware. Moves with your body as you turn in bed and is not a binding material.
  • The material seems to breath with your body and regulate its temperature.
  • Quality: Another almost top of the line garment made with expensive materials and pride in workmanship

Lily Silk tells us that their silk fabric is the healthiest material to use next to your skin. It’s breathable abilities next to our skin can help keep bacteria and is like a second skin. I know it feels nice and if it helps protect the skin, that’s even better. The line of men’s PJ’s is most attractive and would make a wonderful gift for that special guy to lounge around the house in. Get you and your special partner matching sets for the holidays.

Softies Pajama Line

Although this line of pajamas are stylish, the style is meant to keep someone warm on a cold night and cover up most of the body. When you wear these PJ’s you are thinking only about being warm and comfortable and not sexy and tantalizing. They use all the right materials that allow the pj’s to cover your body with warmth and stretch enough so you can cuddle up in a ball in pure comfort. When I think of comfort, these are my go-to jammys.

Features List 

  • Material: Brushed stretch jersey, polyester, Modal, spandex, rayon, nylon.
  • Comfort: Absolutely made for comfort and warmth
  • Colors/Options: Mostly soft colors, some with hoods and pockets.
  • Fit/ Measurements: Size charts run true to size
  • Care: Material used make most of the garment warm machine wash, cool dry.
  • Functionality: Meant to keep you warm on a cool night and be able to move freely.
  • Quality: Good quality with some attention to detail, much attention paid to warmth.

So, there you have it, a review on 10 great brands of pajamas that you can purchase today and be well on your way to building that collection of night ware that every woman needs. We have covered materials used, styles, colors, functionality, care and prices.  I am having a hard time not filling my cart, but that can wait for another day. Hope you find something you like and whatever it is, enjoy it and take care of it.